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Backcountry fishing guides of Key West, florida. Go with the best for you and your group of 4 or less.

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Fly Fishing in Key West

fly fishing key westExpert or beginner fly fishing is a fun way to spend some quality time on the waters here in Key West. With the beauty of the outdoors, gin clear waters and plenty of fish to target fly fishermen come from all over the world to enjoy one of the top five salt water fly fishing destinations.

Fly fishing the flats here in Key West, the draw is the big three - The Key West Grand Slam of tarpon, permit and bonefish. Stalking these fish takes the watchful eye of an experienced flats fishing guide to pole you along the shallows and spot the fish. Sharing with you the ways to improve your game. In the spring between April and June are the most popular months for fly fishing for tarpon on the flats as the tarpon migration is in full swing. There is nothing like sight fishing and catching a 100lb fish on fly!

fly fishing the flats of key west for tarponIn the backcountry there is a bountiful selection of species for all skill ranges from beginner to expert to enjoy catching and landing fish. The winter time holds the most numerous backcountry species for you to fish for. There are many occasions that a new fly fisherman catches a dozen fish on his first day out.

On the Wrecks and Reef fishing charters offshore our fly fishing can be lots of fun. Guides that fish offshore fly are few and far between. The Key West Fishing Team is ready and equipped to show you a great day fishing offshore on fly for species such as barracudas, yellowtail snappers, tuna, and dolphin.



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What is supplied

Our fly fishing charters supply all the gear you will need to fly fish including fly rods, flies, and leaders.

What you need to bring

Your own gear if desired, hat, sunscreen, good polarized glasses, what ever you would like to eat or drink.

What you need to Know

Not required but helpful is a working knowledge of a Double Haul casting technique for the more technical fly fishing trips that require accuracy and distance. If new to fly fishing please let us know so we can work with you and make this a positive fish catching experience.

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Booking A Fly Fishing Charter

Booking a charter for fly fishing here in Key West just takes a phone call. Tell us what your desire is and we will see if it is possible to fill it. Speak to "Island Gen" when you call. She has been in the salt water fly fishing world here in Key West for over 10 years and knows it well. She will help you chose the charter that is right for you.

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